这是学校长期以来的政策, the scholarship committee reviews all applications with the understanding that yeshiva tuition takes priority over discretionary spending.



We encourage all parents to carefully evaluate their own ability to pay school costs and expect families to contri但e to the educational cost of their child at the highest possible level given their economic situation. While the Scholarship Committee is sensitive to the needs of applicants, please recognize that every dollar of scholarship awarded must be raised through Annual Dinner and other fundraising efforts.


除了收入之外, the Scholarship Committee will consider certain discretionary spending, 包括, 但不限于:车贷, 慈善(作为一般规则), 除了捐赠给一个人的shul或mikvah, tuition payments should take precedence over other charitable giving), 401 (k)的贡献, 假期, summer programs (especially for high school aged children) and semachot.  其他支出, 包括大学和间隔年, 可获得包括贷款在内的其他资金来源, 会被考虑吗.  Any expenditures in these categories should be explained at the end of the application.

如果一个家庭的孩子上多所犹太学校, 然后必须向每一所学校寻求援助, 与他们的学费成正比. 因为高中的学费一般高于走读学校的学费, we expect parents to pay proportionally more for high school than day school.

Scholarship determinations (sometimes referred as Grants or Awards) from prior years are in no way a guarantee or indication that a similar level of scholarship award will be granted for future years.

奖学金只能用于学费账户.  其他费用, 包括注册, 建设基金, 安全, 学生活动及交通, 没有资格获得奖学金,必须为所有学生支付.


请注意,你女儿一定是 注册, 注册费已付或已安排, 为了让委员会审查你的申请.  All required supporting documentation must be included with the application by the deadline in order to be processed.


申请助学金的截止日期是 5月10日.  错过经济援助截止日期的申请, 但失业等情有可原的情况除外, 疾病或死亡, 可能不被视为.  澳门新葡京真人赌博 cannot guarantee scholarship funds will be available to applicants who do not comply with the deadline.  这包括延迟转学申请.  We strongly encourage all families to complete the application as soon as possible, 由于申请将按照收到的顺序进行审查.


获得奖学金后的决定, the family may appeal the decision in writing with a letter or email to the committee.  上诉 must be received within 10 days of receiving their determination and are limited to one per family.


Transfer students who are applying for financial aid must submit their application within two weeks of acceptance.   澳门新葡京真人赌博 cannot guarantee scholarship funds will be available for late transfer student applicants.







步骤1 -登录

登录FACTS.  If you have created a FACTS account to pay tuition at any school at any time, 您可以使用现有帐户登录.  It doesn’t matter what school you were enrolled in at the time that your FACTS account was created.  如果您从未注册过FACTS,请创建一个帐户.   请看这些 常见问题 从FACTS获取登录或重置密码的帮助.  您也可以拨打866-441-4637联系FACTS寻求帮助.


步骤2 -完成申请

  • 选择“开始申请”申请经济资助.
  • 选择2023-2024年
  • 在第一页选择“添加学校/机构”并添加 所有你的孩子在23-24年级就读的学校 (请看下面更详细的说明).
  • 请注意:当你和你所有的孩子一起进入页面时, you must also add each child and which school he/she attends in order for your financial aid application to be sent to each school.  请按“申请奖项”方格
  • 填写申请表的家长被视为申请人.  父母结婚或共同申请的, 父母中的另一方必须被列为共同申请人.  Any adult living in the household who financially contri但es and/or has expenses in your home must be included on the application as a co-applicant.  Divorced parents would not list each other as a co-applicant if each parent is filing a separate aid application.
  • In the “Additional Questions” section, the first question requires every applicant to submit a written narrative to explain their particular circumstances and why they are applying for aid. The Scholarship Committee stresses the importance of providing these critical inputs in making a determination, 没有它, the application is comprised of mere data and numbers devoid of vital color to the circumstances.  例如, 如果配偶一方没有工作, 对任何相关情况作出解释是有帮助的.  如果COVID-19影响了您的财务/就业, please explain your situation and your expectations how/when you expect your finances may change as the pandemic subsides.


如何添加学校 -请参考这些 循序渐进的方向 来帮助你申请


  • 蒂内克学校(07666):Heichal HaTorah, KC KIDS at He 'Atid, 澳门新葡京真人赌博叶史瓦, 卑尔根县托拉学院
  • 恩格尔伍德学校(07631):摩利亚学校
  • Paramus schools (07652): Ben Porat Yosef, The Frisch School, Yavneh Academy, Yeshivat Noam
  • River Edge (07661): Yeshiva of North Jersey (RYNJ)
  • 三州地区的其他犹太教徒包括泽西中部, 罗克兰县, 曼哈顿, 里弗代尔, 威彻斯特, 等. 应该通过名称或邮政编码搜索添加吗.
  • 如果你的孩子在未登记的犹太学校、大学或日托所 with tuition requirements, you must search by zip code “07666” and select “其他机构.”  Then you will be able to list the students enrolled in these other places when you get to the students’ page.
  • You must select “Yes” for the question under each student in the Bergen County area that asks “Is [student name] applying for award consideration?”

步骤3 -申请费

有一个 申请费$40不可退还.每户00元.  The same application can be applied to multiple institutions using the FACTS Grant & 援助门户为相同的单一费用.  FACTS accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover).   This payment goes directly to FACTS and not to any of the participating schools.  If this fee is a hardship, please contact your business office to request a waiver.

The scholarship committee recognizes an additional fee assessed on the families who are most in need for aid is not ideal, 但, 不幸的是, 这是不可避免的.  The committee will take the financial aid application fee in consideration when making their determination.

步骤4 -文档

上传你的证明文件.  Depending on your application, some or all of the following documents may be required.  Please note that your tax documents only need to be uploaded once when they will be reviewed and verified by FACTS.  其他补充文件(抵押报表), 银行对账单, 等) will need to be uploaded to each school that you are applying to for aid, 因为它们是由每个业务办公室审查的.


  • U.S. Individual Income Tax Return, supporting schedules, and business returns.
    • 2022美国国税局联邦表格1040,附表1,附表2,附表3
    • 2021 IRS联邦表格1040,附表1,附表2,附表3
    • 如申索超过4名受养人,须提交受养人声明书
  • 2022年和2021年的W-2工资和税务报表
  • 家庭非应税收入证明文件
  • 房屋所有者的抵押贷款声明
  • 房主的房地产税法案
  • 银行对账单 
  • 401(k)账户对账单(如适用)
  • 如适用,计划对账单

Your application will not be processed without the required support documents.